Feb 222013

Thanksgiving dinner can still be a time for indulgence and enjoyment, but to avoid the post-Thanksgiving feast bloat, follow these tips:

· Consume a balanced breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving day.

· Make it your goal to avoid over-eating.

· Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  • By drinking water, your stomach will be partially full before you even start eating. Consuming sufficient amounts of water is also important in supporting proper digestion following a large meal.

· Eat from a smaller plate.

  • When you put the same amount of food on a smaller plate, you give your brain the visual sensation that you are eating more than you are. On a larger plate, you have a tendency to add extra food to fill the negative space on the plate.

· Enjoy a conversation with friends and family while you eat.

  • By engaging in conversation during your meal, you will chew slower, enjoy your food more, and feel full faster. There is a bit of a lag from the time you eat to the time you feel satiated, so by eating slower, you give your brain an opportunity to sense it is full.

· Take small amounts of everything.

  • By taking smaller portions of everything, you will not leave Thanksgiving dinner feeling like you missed out on any of the great foods.

· Eat seconds ONLY if you are still hungry.

· Clean up leftovers promptly after eating.

  • When you clean up leftovers after dinner, you are less likely to snack on the food because it is out.

· Go outside and play!

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