Maintenance or wellness care


Chiropractic care for balanceThe final period of care, maintenance care, is designed to keep your nervous system functioning at its optimal level, keep your bones and body moving freely, and maintain your new found health. Regular, although infrequent, check-ups help to prevent your original condition from returning, and it allows the chiropractor an opportunity to find minor problems before they become more serious. This is the most difficult period of care because it requires the patient to take a more proactive role in maintaining their own health. The doctor will create a specific plan tailored to each individual’s needs that will include regular check-ups, proper nutrition, and consistent exercise and stretching.

Equate maintenance care to the routine maintenance on your car. People don’t think twice about getting the oil changed in their car every 3,000 miles, rotating their tires on a regular basis, etc. They know it is going to keep their car functioning for a long period of time. Imagine if you were only allowed one car for the rest of your life. Certainly you would be meticulous in your maintenance of the vehicle. Well, you only have one body, one spine, and one nervous system, and they cannot be replaced. Why not provide your body and spine with the proper maintenance it so justly deserves?