Relief or acute care


Chiropractic care for pain reliefRelief care is the first phase of chiropractic care. Most individuals seek chiropractors because they are having some sort of pain or health problem. Relief care focuses on reducing the pain and stabilizing the patient’s condition as quickly as possible. This phase of care is the most therapeutic, and it occurs from the time an individual enters the office to the time in which their pain or condition has stabilized. Progress is typically most rapid during relief care.

This term of care varies based on the length of time the patient has had the condition and the severity of the condition. It may vary in time from a single visit to several weeks of care. Chiropractic services are generally more intense in this phase, which is why it is sometimes called the intensive phase. The regularity of care is important because it takes consistent care to break muscle memory. If intense care was not employed, the muscles, ligaments, and bones would revert back to their improper function, and the patient’s condition would not stabilize.

If an individual is not responding as expected during this phase of care, the patient will be referred for further testing or to another health professional.