Success stories

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I had a severe case of carpal tunnel syndrome when I came to the office. It was so bad that prior to coming to the office, I already had a surgery scheduled. However, one of my friends made me promise to consult with Wilderness Chiropractic before I got my surgery.  After only 5 adjustments and some exercises prescribed, I was able to cancel my surgery!

~Lynda Z.


I originally came in for lower back pain, but chiropractic’s effects on my asthma have been more remarkable. I am a known asthmatic diagnosed by pulmonary function tests, and since receiving chiropractic treatments, I have not had to use my inhalers. The ironic thing about this: I am a respiratory therapist used to diagnosing patients and giving breathing treatments all the time!

~Dave D


I used to experience major headaches that would make light and sound unbearable, sometimes forcing me to work in the dark. Since getting adjusted, I now feel wonderful!  My headaches are gone, and I no longer have to take medication for headaches and depression.  I am able to focus more at work, and I am more pleasant to be around.  I truly feel like a new person.

~Melanie M.


I was diagnosed with chronic pulmonary sarcoidosis, which caused me to have a continual dry cough, shortness of breath, and chest pain. Looking for an alternative to the steroids and anti-inflammatory medications, I started coming to Wilderness Chiropractic about 3 months ago. I am feeling so much better! I have not had any symptoms of sarcoidosis since I began getting adjusted…

~Laurie D.

Tennis Elbow

I had tendonitis in my left elbow that went away with a cortisone shot, but after a year, the pain returned. My medical doctor said there was nothing else she could do for the pain…After 2-3 visits at Wilderness Chiropractic, my elbow pain was gone, and it hasn’t been back since! To me, this was my only chance to relieve the pain, and I’m so happy that it worked.

~Donna M.

Back Pain

I had severe, recurring pain in my lower and middle back that began suddenly two years ago. The most recent bout has lasted for 3 weeks, and Dr. Sherry has eliminated the most severe pain in just two visits. I am encouraged that continued treatment will eliminate all of the pain and put me back into a condition where skiing and golf can again become a part of my life.

~Cynthia C.

Professional football is a very physically demanding sport, and it has caused me a lot of lower back pain over the years.  Due to the pain, I had a hard time bending over. After getting adjusted, I have no lower back pain, and I can move a lot better.

~A former Pittsburgh Steeler

Sinus Infections

I came to the office with no major complaints that I thought chiropractic could benefit; however, I have benefited in unexpected ways. I have noticed a reduction in the frequency of my chronic sinus infections, and episodes of sleep apnea have disappeared since my treatments began. I no longer awake struggling to catch my breath, unable to breathe for a few moments.  I never thought I would feel normal again, but I have been made a true believer of chiropractic.

~Ron D.


I have noticed a remarkable improvement in the range of motion of my right hip and my neck because of my chiropractic adjustments.

The staff is excellent and friendly, and the atmosphere is very calming.

~Norma H.

For years, I have been unable to cross my legs because I would get cramping in my upper thigh. Since beginning care, I have crossed my legs for the first time in years, and the stiffness in my legs and lower back is going away.  Crossing your legs may seem like a small feat for some, but it is a miracle for me. The impossible now seems possible!

~Nancy K.

Stomach Pain

I used to experience chronic stomach pains and asthma.  With only a couple adjustments, my breathing has improved, and I no longer get any pains in my stomach.

~Taylor L (8 years old)


My daughter, Mallory, was diagnosed with a gross motor delay, and she hadn’t gained any weight in 8 months. After receiving one adjustment to her upper neck, she has started coordinating her footsteps, she has an increased appetite, and she is drinking more. Before, she was content with just sitting around, and now we can’t stop her from moving!

~Pam R.