Today’s chiropractic


Although officially founded in 1895, crude chiropractic adjustments have been depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics from thousands of years ago. Over time, there have been significant changes in not only the practice of chiropractic, but there have also been changes in chiropractor’s education and societal acceptance. Today, chiropractic is the third largest health care field, trailing only the medical profession and dentistry, and it is the biggest and fastest growing specialty among complementary and alternative medicine.

Currently, there are more than 50,000 licensed chiropractors practicing within the United States. Chiropractic has become a trusted form of alternative health care, and it is considered by many to be a part of Western medicine. Despite the fact that the profession of chiropractic was originally met with skepticism and doubt, it has become the largest CAM health profession because of its continued success in treating musculoskeletal, and sometimes even organic, conditions. Additionally, widespread acceptance of chiropractic has been encouraged by increased research into the benefits of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is now available to many people who previously had no access to its benefits. For example, many hospitals now have chiropractors on staff. Additionally, chiropractors are a part of the Medicare/Medicaid systems, and chiropractors are currently being incorporated into the U.S. military health system.