What is health?


If you consider yourself to be a generally healthy person, it is important to consider what your definition of health is. Being healthy is more than just about feeling well, and the absence of disease should not be the definition of being healthy. Although you may be free from disease at this moment, this does not mean that your body is functioning in a way that is optimal to keeping your body disease and illness free. Feeling well is not sufficient to label yourself as healthy, you must also make sure your body is functioning properly to be healthy.

There are many who believe that they are in good health because they have no major complaints or they are content with the way they feel. Their symptoms, however, have little bearing on how well their body is functioning. There is only one way to maintain your health throughout your life, and that is by taking optimal care of it. Optimal care is about more than just eating well, and getting normal exercise, it is about caring for all aspects of your bodily systems.

The immune system is like your own personal combat army. It is designed to protect you from foreign invaders that can result in disease and illness. However, it will not work on its own. You need to help keep it strong making sure that you are supplying it with the proper ammunition for defense.  This is accomplished by maintaining a proper diet.

Another important aspect to maintaining your health is having proper alignment of your spine. Most people do not consider the alignment of their spine when they examine their health, but your spine provides the core structure for your body, and your structure determines how your body functions. Unfortunately, it is possible, and probable, to incur derangement in the spine without any warning at all. When your spine is not properly aligned, whether the misalignment is severe or slight, it can throw your entire body off of balance, which will have a negative effect on every system of the body. Additionally, when the spine is misaligned, it creates blockages to nerves and blood flow, which can decrease circulation, and rob your cells of much needed nutrients.

True health is achieved when you are functioning optimally in mind, body, and spirit. At optimal health, your body is best able to respond to threats in its environment.  Health is more than just feeling well or not being sick. So, if you think that you are in good health because you don’t feel ill, you need to re-evaluate what the definition of being heathy really is.